Make use of leftover wrapping paper scraps by creating a sticky shape board!  It’s a great learning activity to help keep little ones entertained while teaching them about shapes, colors and counting.  All you have to do is cut leftover scraps into four different shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and hearts.  Use painter’s tape to adhere a sheet of contact paper to a flat wall surface (sticky side facing out) and use additional pieces of painter’s tape or marker to create a grid with four quadrants.  Write the name of a shape in each quadrant.  Now for the fun part!  Lay out the scrap shapes and ask your child to first find all of the circles and place them in the circle quadrant.  Repeat for all other shapes.  Talk to them about the different colors of each shape and ask how many shapes they found.  There are so many different ways to play!  Happy holidays!





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