Learning to calm down at times of sensory overload can be a challenge for children with sensory processing difficulties.  Sensory bottles, also known as calming bottles, can be a useful tool to help them focus their attention.  All you need is an empty plastic water bottle and your imagination to fill it with whatever you find interesting!  Beads, glitter, googly eyes, sea creatures and plastic letters of the alphabet are all great examples of items you can use.


If you’re new to sensory bottles, here’s an easy one to start with using colorful pony beads and water.  Simply fill the bottle  with beads and then fill the bottle with water.  You can seal the lid of the water bottle with hot glue as an extra precaution to keep it closed for  little ones.  You can also engage your child in building their own sensory bottle, which can help develop their fine motor skills as they work to pick up and drop each object into the bottle (always supervise young children).


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