Bilateral coordination refers to the use of both sides of the body at the same time.  Many tasks your child will need to complete on a daily basis rely on bilateral coordination. For example, tying their shoes, getting dressed, or holding a piece of paper with one hand while using scissors to cut it with the other.  This next activity helps develop bilateral coordination by encouraging the use of both hands to make marshmallow towers.  All you need to do is pick up a pack of straws and marshmallows (jumbo are pictured here but you could use the regular size also).  Simply cut the straws to varying lengths and set the cut straws and marshmallows in a bin.  Let your child start creating marshmallow towers by pushing a straw into the marshmallow.  They can play however they choose by pushing multiple straws into a single marshmallow or stacking multiple marshmallows on a single straw, etc.  They will have fun stimulating their senses as they squish the marshmallows around (and probably sneak a bite or two).  Easy, tasty, developmental fun!


Marshmallow Towers - Ingredients


Marshmallow Towers - Cut Straws to Various Lengths


Marshmallow Towers Start Stacking


Marshmallow Towers - Play


Marshmallow Towers - Bilateral Coordination (2)


Marshmallow Towers - Encourages Sensory Play


Marshmallow Towers - Bilateral Coordination


Marshmallow Towers - Stack Multiple Straws into Marshmallow


Marshmallow towers Easy Developmental Play

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