The crunch of colorful leaves and the smell of apple pie cinnamon spice are just a few ingredients that come together to create these fun fall sensory bins.  Use your imagination and these bins as inspiration to create a fall play environment your little ones will love to dig their hands into!  As they play, talk to them about the different colors, textures and smells they encounter.  Throw in tongs, muffin tins, spoons, and cookie cutters to give them different objects to scoop and explore with that will help build their fine motor skills.





5 Fun Fall Sensory Bins


1. Small pumpkins, gourds, pinecones on a bed of leaves (source)




2. Apple Pie Sensory bin made from a bin full of oats, spices and wooden apples (source)




3. A bin full of corn kernels with leaves, gourds, acorns (source)




4. Bird seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkins, pinecones (source)




5. Colored yellow rice, felt sunflowers, sunflower seeds, fall cupcake liners (source



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