‘Fine motor fishing’ is a versatile activity that requires very little setup and helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and provides an opportunity to start teaching letters, numbers, colors, animals, etc.  It can be adapted to play at the kitchen table with a large bowl of water, in the bathtub, or outside in a small children’s pool.  All you need is a pair of kitchen tongs, water, and a collection of toys that float to go ‘fishing’ for.  For example, you can have your child fish for foam letters or numbers, animal bath toys or plastic play food.


Fill a container with water, drop the objects in and ask your child to grab a specific object or color with the pair of tongs.  The motion used to grab with the tongs supports the development of the hand and finger muscles necessary to complete tasks such as writing or using scissors. Play this activity in the bathtub as a way to incorporate it into their every day routine or try it in a children’s pool for added fun in the summer.  Enjoy!





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