Clothespins are a great household tool to strengthen fine motor skills.  Encourage little ones to use clothespins by building these cute springtime bunnies.  You will need:


  • Colored paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Heart shaped stickers or hearts cut out of paper
  • Colored/painted clothespins

First, paint the clothespins in the same color as the colored paper. While they are drying, use a circular object to cut out circles from the colored paper (the size of a vegetable can or peanut butter container would work well).  Glue googly eyes on to the circle. Place the heart sticker or heart paper upside down to create the nose.  Then, let your little ones practice taking the clothespins to create ears for the bunnies! Show them first as an example, then let them attempt it on their own. Use this as an opportunity to teach them about colors by matching the colored clothespins with the same color bunny. Provide assistance and encouragement along the way as needed.  Enjoy!


Clothespin Bunnies Pinning On


Clothespin Bunnies - Fine Motor Practice



Clothespin Bunnies - Final


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